33 Week Doctors Appointments

Today we had our regular OB appointment, as well as met with the neonatologist (baby specialist), and had another fetal echo done, but first we had an MRI done.

Our neonatologist recommended that we have an MRI done of Carson’s brain to make sure it is developing properly. Sometimes heart conditions can lead to lack of blood flow to the brain and therefore causing the brain to not develop fully or properly. So Dr. Miller recommended the MRI to just make sure. He looked at his brain during ultrasound several times and has never seen anything of concern, but an MRI can look more in depth. Well let me tell you, this child is getting HEAVY and laying on my back is one of the most uncomfortable positions to be in. They called me back and put me on the ‘bed’ and strapped me down. I was so uncomfortable to begin with, then they pushed me into the ‘hole’ and it was a tight fit, my stomach was touching the top. Needless to say I felt trapped, I wasnt able to move and it was HOT and NOISY. I lasted about 15 minutes before I had to be removed, I was so uncomfortable and freaked out that I actually got sick. =(. I tried one more time to get this done ‘I needed to be strong for my son’ but I just couldnt do it. I lasted another 10 minutes and had to be removed again and we didnt try anymore after that. So we got about half of the images we needed. Hopefully they will be enough to show that his brain is perfect, otherwise I will have to go in for another MRI but they will give me medication that will relax me.

Next, we met with Dr. Miller, he did an ultrasound and discussed the amnio with us (which we were supposed to have done today). He explained that he does not recommend doing the amnio now because of the risks involved. An amnio can make the water break, or can cause infection and premature labor resulting in a premature baby. If he were born premature he would not be able to have the proper medication he needs because it would cause bleeding in the brain, so he said it was not a good idea right now, that the only reason to do the amnio is to test for a certain deletion of a chromosome, that ultimately will result in a death sentence. He said there were certain markers that he could look at, and Carson has none of them except his heart defects, so he is pretty confident he doesnt have that deletion and therefore does not recommend the amnio at this point.

Then we met with our OB. Dr Gumns, who is awesome, she just made sure we didnt have any questions and let us on our way to talk to Jennifer, who is a lactation consultant, and pretty much our go to girl. Jennifer took us on a tour of both hospitals. We got to see where I will deliver, and where Carson will go in the NICU at both Hollywood, and CHLA. Both NICU’s are amazing, the staff seems awesome and we feel even more confident in the care that he will receive. We also go to see the CTICU (cardio throatic intensive care unit) it is specifically for heart babies and children. There is one nurse per baby/child and they are private rooms. Nick and I will be able to stay with Carson every hour of every day if we’d like and we love that.

Finally, we went back to CHLA and had a fetal echo. His heart is doing well, its not worse or better it is the same, and although we are all praying for a miracle Im glad to know he is staying the same and is not worse.

Nick and I feel very confident after today that Carson and I will be under the best care possible. Carson is getting so big! He is already 5 lbs, according to the ultrasound today, and he is showing his mommy how strong he really is by bruising her ribs.He is a wiggle-worm and went from head down at the ultrasound in the morning, to head up at the fetal echo. A moving baby is a healthy baby =)

Thank you again everyone for all your love and support!




One thought on “33 Week Doctors Appointments

  1. Cynb

    I’m glad you had a good DR who didn’t want you take unnecessary risks. It’s nice when they are on your side. 🙂 HUGS

    P.s. It’s cynb from your DDC


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