35 Week Appt

Its been a great couple of weeks! Nick got a job!! YAY!! and Carson is GROWING fast! Today we learned that he is an estimated 6 pounds 6 ounces! Chunky Money!

I  had a full day of appointments scheduled again. I love these doctors! They are already taking such great care of me, so I know Carson will be in great hands!

I was supposed to meet with CT Surgery today, but they were in the OR so we had to reschedule to next week. Great for me because I had already gotten a ton of information today and Nick wasnt there to help me remember it all (because of his new job).

I had my regular appointment with my OB, Dr. Gums, and Dr. Miller. Miller did the ultrasound, he said Carson is looking great, he is head down and getting big! Babies at this point gain about a half of a point a week so Carson should be over 8 pounds when he is born. Which is great news, because the surgeons like a bigger baby, they tend to be stronger. I tired to talk my OB into setting an induction date (because of Nick’s new job) but she said no. She wants to make sure my body is ready so we wont know until a week or a few days before.

From here on out I will have weekly appointments and meet with Dr. Miller and Gums.

I also met with Genetics, and Neonatology. The women from genetics seems very confident that this heart defect is caused by an isolated reason and that it does not seem to be a chromosome deletion or copy. She said that the likely hood of us having another heart baby is less than 10%. Great news! Ive always dreamed of having 4 kids, Nick only wants 2, but we will work that out in the future 😉

The women from Neonatology was so nice! She said that Carson will be fine when he is born, to not be scared, that it will not be a dramatic scene. We will get to hold him and love on him and give him kisses, before they take him to the NICU, and Nick can even cut the cord if he wants.

All in all today was a great day, I learned that my doctors office deals almost strictly with heart babies, and special babies so they are used to this. Like I said Carson is in great hands! I cant wait to meet him. Today is the first day of December meaning Carson will be born this month!!!!!!!!!


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