Home sweet home

It is amazing to be home!!! I love being able to carry Carson where ever I want without any wires, I love sleeping and only being woken up by him and not the nurses coming in to check vitals every couple hours, I love just holding him while he sleeps and learning all of his patterns, I love talking to him and seeing him stare at me as if he understands, I love that he responds to my laugh as though he remembers hearing it while in my belly, I am so in love with this little man. He has taken my heart and it will forever be his.

He is doing so amazing. He is eating like a hungry-hippo (or so we call him). [Heart babies sometimes have trouble eating because of the amount of energy it takes] Carson struggled at first with eating but now is doing so well. He is eating double his minimum and is gaining weight right on track. He had an appointment on Friday and was weighed. When we left the hospital he weighed 6 pounds 9 ounces, now he is 7 pounds 4 ounces. The physicians assistant (who we saw because they messed up our appointment) is very pleased with his growth. The biggest struggle we are facing is breast feeding. He wants nothing to do with the boob. He loves his bottle so he gets very mad very quickly when we try to work on latching. But we are not giving up and for the first time in a couple days he got a great latch for a couple minutes, then fell asleep. =) [They say to try to latch him when he is not hungry, that way he wont get too frustrated, so I was okay with him falling asleep.]

I must admit being home is difficult sometimes. As much as I hated the wires and all the nurses messing with him all the time I loved that I could look over at the monitor and see all of his stats and know that he is perfectly okay. Now I just am constantly looking at his face and checking his coloring. I have always slept with a fan on (for noise) and with all the lights off. Now I sleep with no fan on, I have to be able to hear him at all times, and we sleep with the side lamp on so I can see him.

He wakes up about every three hours to eat. So daddy feeds him his bottle while I pump. We are getting our routine. He gets a bath every other day (and HATES it). We can only sponge bathe him until 8 weeks post op. So he gets cold and screams. I am getting faster so his bath today wasn’t soooo torturous.

All in all we are doing GREAT! Carson is getting his pictures taken on Tuesday and I cannot wait. I am so excited to watch him grow, he seems like he changes a little every day. I know time will fly (it already is) so I am soaking up every moment.



One thought on “Home sweet home

  1. Piper

    It’s so great that he is home and doing so wonderfully 🙂

    One thing you might try to get him to nurse is to pump briefly to get a letdown and get the milk flowing and then latch him–when he begins nursing, the milk will already be flowing and it will be instant gratification the way it is with the bottle 🙂 Might help him get the idea that nursing is great 🙂 After nursing three kids, you learn some little tricks LOL


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