Breastfeeding update

I wanted to apologize to all our followers. I left off with a negative post and I hate that. I really hit a rough bump in the road that thankfully we got over. After my melt down, I gave him a bottle for the whole day. I didnt try to breastfeed at all. I thought to myself ‘Im going to give him a break, then we will give it our all on the weekend, if he isn’t doing better and getting the hang of it then I will let the dream of breastfeeding him go and know that we gave it our all.’ So I did. The lactation consultant came and showed me how to use a nipple shield and we gave it our all. Carson did so great and I was so proud that he was feeding ‘from the tap.’

That Saturday he only had a bottle one time, and Sunday he had two. Monday was our very first day of exclusively breastfeeding. I was SOOOO over the moon excited.

Now we are working on removing the nipple shield and he is doing great! At first he had a fit every time I tried, but on Tuesday I let him eat with it for 20ish minutes and then removed it and he took it!! I was so excited! Since then he only gets it when I let him get hungry because he gets to excited and has no patience.

Today, he has only used the shield ONCE!! He is so freakin amazing! I’ve got that bond! He is so cute he reaches for my hand while eating, looks up and smiles at me, and sometimes ‘hides’ me with his arm.



3 thoughts on “Breastfeeding update

      1. Piper

        It’s wonderful that we have all of these tools to help when our little one’s need them but it sure is nice when you can set them aside!

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