Cardiologist Appt Feb. 29th, 2012

This week has been a little crazy. Carson had his 2 month appointment with pediatrician on Tuesday. He got his shots, and it killed me. He was dead asleep when she poked him the first time and that is NO way to be woken up. He screamed and I cried with him. My mom, who went with us told her “well that’s not a fun job” on the lady replied “actually I like giving shots, I like drawing blood even more.” So she likes hurting babies and kids? Sad.

Tuesday after his shots was horrible for all of us. Poor Carson’s legs hurt so bad (he got two shots in his right legs and one in his left). Every time he moved his leg he would scream because it hurt and when he is upset he kicks his legs. It was horrible. I gave him tylenol but it only lasted an hour and the other three he spent screaming. I thought about canceling his appointment for the cardiologist on Wednesday because of his discomfort but I had a gut feeling we needed to go.

So Wednesday afternoon my gut feeling was validated. They took his stats and an x-ray and all were great. Then they did an echo (ultrasound of his heard). After that was done we waited for his doctor to come in. Once she came in she talked about how impressed she was with his weight gain and went over all his stats and how overall impressed she was. Then she brought up the echo. Apparently they found that his aorta has narrowed. Its most likely due to scare tissue. So they are going to due a procedure this Thursday where they go in through his groin area and put a camera so they can see how narrowed the aorta really is. Likely they will have to put a balloon in there and blow it up and cath it. If that is unsuccessful then he will have open heart surgery to fix it.

If all my readers would please pray the cath is successful that would be awesome. He faces another surgery when he is 8-12 months to fix his VSD so when he has that surgery they will replace his shunt, fix his aorta, and patch his VSD.

Wednesday was hard. I feel like my son has gone through enough and still faces up hill battles, but I have to remember how lucky I am to have him. I remind myself that I am his mommy for a reason and we are going to get through this together.



3 thoughts on “Cardiologist Appt Feb. 29th, 2012

  1. Piper

    Shots are never easy 😦 For his next step, you might try getting him nursing and then have them give the shots while he is nursing–whenever I’ve been able to, their reactions to the shots are much milder–even Isabelle’s Syagis goes better if I can get her nursing before/while she is getting it.

    I hope his procedure goes well and he wont need another OHS so soon {{hugs}} We have our consult with the surgeons on March 15th for Isabelle’s upcoming OHS

    1. rheannaandnick Post author

      Ill try that next time. I know he has at least one more synagis shot, if not two so Ill definitely try to nurse him before. I hope his procedure goes well too. Ill update everyone once its done. Ill pray that your consult goes well. When do they plan on doing Isabelle’s surgery?

      1. Piper

        We actually just got home from Synagis a little while ago 🙂 The first time Iz had the shot, she screamed for about five minutes 😦 It was awful! The next couple of shots, I was nursing her when she got them and it took her a few minutes to realize what was happening–she pulled off and cried, but it was for about thirty seconds and then she went back to nursing and was fine. The nurse was surprised at how well she took the shot today because she cried for such a short time (the baby who got his shot before her was still crying from it). It really does seem to help!

        Her cardio wasn’t sure if they would want to schedule her right away or if they wanted to do an MRI/CT and possibly a cath. She has an echo the 15th and then we meet the surgeons to find out if they need further tests or are ready to schedule now.

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