Seems like just yesterday we got to bring Carson home when he was just 15 days old. Not he is 3 months!!!!!!! Without thinking of him 3 months seems like no time, but considering I have only spent 3 months with him is weird. I couldn’t imagine my life without him. I had no purpose before him. I was just going day by day, year by year. Now he makes me feel alive. Dont get me wrong I had joy and love in my life before him, but not like this! I dont understand how people dont want children. How do you not want to feel this? They sure are missing out. It is worth every sleepless night (which there havent been many), and ever struggle. Its worth not being able to take a shower when I want, or having a mess house becuase he is an arm baby. Gosh I love this little man so much and me and his daddy couldnt be more proud of him.

He is definitely my son, he is BOSSY!! If he is hungry and I dont lay him down and get situated quick enough he makes sure to scream and tell me. He is also like his daddy already! He loves to ‘talk.’ Its the cutest thing. Every morning when we wake up I stay in bed and feed him, then change him and lay him on the bed in front of me while I sit at the head board and he just talks and talks and smiles so big. It melts my heart every time, it’s and amazing way to start your day!

He is doing so great. His bath time is one of his favorite things. I give him a bath everyday. Yea, Ive heard ‘that drys our their skin” or “that is not necessary” but I dont care. We have our routine and he loves his bath so why not give him something he loves everyday? He is so cute in the bath he just stares at me as if he understands what I am saying as I narrate what I am doing and what I am washing. He smiles and kicks his feet like crazy. Its as if he knows he is making a mess and mommy has to clean it lol. But it’s so worth it to see that joy on his face.

Every day after we finally get out of bed (around 9:00) we give him his medicines. He takes 40mg of asprin every day as well as a multi-vitamin. He used to be on lasix as well but the cardiologist said he didnt need it any more on the 20th. After his meds we go pick him an outfit and then he gets a bath…after his bath we play (on his play mat, or I talk to him) and then he usually takes a one in a half to two hour nap around 1:00. Other than that thats about the only routine we have so far.

Last time we went to the doctor he was 10 pounds and 11 ounces. The cardiologists are very impressed with his weight gain especially since he is exclusively breast fed. For those of you who dont know specifics about his heart defect. He doesnt have blue blood and red blood, the blue and red are mixing right now so his heart works especially hard when he eats and burns more calories than normal so lots of heart babies have to have their milk fortified meaning they make it a higher calorie than normal.

All in all Carson is doing great! We think he is beginning to teath. He is drooling like crazy and today his little gums look inflamed. He hasnt rolled over yet (probably cause I dont put him down enough 🙂 ) but he seems like he will soon. He tries to all the time.

If any of you want to know anything specific or have any questions I am an open book. Feel free to ask anything. I hope one day that this blog will help another mother or father through their journey with their heart baby or any struggle for that matter.


4 thoughts on “Time FLIES!

  1. nonnierms

    He is such a cutie! I’m so glad he’s doing so well and I hope he continues to do well 🙂 How many more surgeries does he need?

    As far as the baths go, from what I’ve read, its the soap that does the drying so I just do water-only baths if we are doing everyday baths and the kidlets are doing fine skin-wise 🙂 Isabelle actually prefers water-only baths and makes stink-faces at me when I get the soap out LOL

  2. rheannaandnick Post author

    They said he will probably have three surgeries, maybe four. The next one will be when he is between 9-12 months. Then he will out grow his conduit so they will just monitor him and we wont know how long before his third surgery. The longer he can wait the more likely that that will be his last surgery.

  3. thrillsofthehills

    In the post you stated that you hope one day this blog will help other parents with a heart baby… It is 🙂 I can’t even remember now how I ended up coming across your blog. It was through Facebook somehow. But our little girl is a single ventricle heart baby. She will have many of these same procedures. I keep you blog pulled up on one of the safari tabs on my iPhone so that I can read it when i have free time. I’ve started from the beginning and am just working my way through. 🙂

  4. thrillsofthehills

    You stated in this post that you hope this blog will help other parents some day. Just wanted to let you know that it is. 🙂 our little girl is almost 3 months old now and has a single ventricle heart (of course, along with multiple other heart defects). We actually didn’t know she had a heart problem until she was 3 weeks old though. They missed it in utero. I’ve come across your blog through a CHD page on Facebook. I decided to just start at the beginning and work my way through so I’ve got your blog saved in my safari on my phone to read when I have free time. 🙂


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