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My FIRST Easter!!!

We “dyed” easter eggs on Saturday night. Carson pretended to dye them. Mommy helped him dye one egg for pictures sake, and then he decided he had had enough ‘fun.’

We gave him his basket in the morning. He stared at it as if he was checking out all his new toys! He got toys from us (chew toys[he has begun to teeth]), as well as some candy (which is really for Mom and Dad), and some bibs, and a little monkey to play with. His grandma and grandpa got him a basket as well with some clothes, a little monkey, and a book, and his Grammy got him a amber teething necklace.


He is changing every day! He is so darn cute! We have started giving him baths in the regular bathtub and he LOVES it! He kicks and splashes like crazy!

Oh and he scratched his face. =(


All in all we had a great Easter! We cant wait for next year when he will be big enough to go on a egg hunt and really dye Easter Eggs.

In other news. Carson is considered a single ventrical right now because of how large the hole is between his left and right ventricals. So the cardiologist want us to check his oxygen saturations three times a day. We have been waiting weeks for the pulse ox machine to get here. Its finally here and we have been checking his saturations three times a day and his stats have been exactly where they are supposed to be. So he is doing great.

(For those of you who dont know what a pulse ox is: its that thing they put on your finger when you go to the doctor. It shines that red light through your finger, and it checks how saturated your blood is with oxygen.)

Sorry this entry is a mess, I just thought Id let everyone know everything all at once. 😉


On a different note. I may be changing blog websites….This one charges like $45.00 or something like that to customize your blog, whereas other sites allow you to do it for free and are honestly a HELL of a lot easier to use. I will copy and paste all entrys to the new site if and when I do decide/have time to change over. When I do that I will post about it and link everyone.