One Hell of a Week

We went to the cardiologist on Monday, April 23, 2012. They did an echo, as always, and discovered is heart was not pumping as strong as it should.

They checked his weight and his pulse ox. He is 12 lbs 3 oz now and his pulse ox was 76 (they want him between 75 and 85).

The cardiologist was so impressed with his weight gain, and mentioned that she was going to talk to the surgeon to see how she felt about doing his next surgery within the next month. Previously we had been told he would have it between 8-12 months old, so we were shocked. Dr. Kung (the cardiologist) said that if the surgeon did not think it was a good idea now that he would need another cath.

Carson is in a single ventrical clinic. It’s not a big deal, its just two really nice ladies who call and follow Carson’s progress. They call and check his stats, and come talk to us when we have appointments. Anyway, Lucy said that he is the only exclusively breastfeed baby in their clinic!! WHOO HOO!! That made me feel so proud!! As if I need anything else to be proud about šŸ˜‰ .

When we got home from his appt, we got a call from Nick’s dad. His mom had been taken to the hospital on Friday with chest pains. We were told to come to the hospital. We packed up a ton of stuff for Carson and were on our way. We could tell something wasn’t right. I just prayed the whole way there. My babe needs his mom! We got there and his dad told us what was going on. She had an angiogram done, and they found four blockages. They did a cath, but her blood clotted, stopping her heart and she was rushed into emergency double bypass surgery. It took over 8 hours, and when she was done the doctor said she probably wouldnt make it. Tuesday, she tried to pull out her breathing tube, so we knew she was going to fight through this.

On Tuesday night Carson’s lips were looking blue. So I hooked him up to his pulse ox machine and it was bouncing from 68 to 72 which is too low for him. So I thought to myself Ill call in the morning and bring it to the attention of the cardiologist. Well, Lucy, from clinic, beat me to it. She called in the early afternoon and asked how he was doing. I told her and she said she would talk to his doctors and call me back. She called me back and told him to bring him in that he was being admitted.

I am usually so great and positive about everything, but this got me. I was SOOO mad. I instantly started crying, I went to my room and screamed into my pillow, “WHY MY CHILD?!?!? Crack whores get normal babies!” Nick came in and just held me tight. I dont know how he held it together with everything thats going on. He is my rock! I pulled myself together and packed my room. LOL. I even packed Carson’s bathtub because if we had to be in the hospital again he was going to at least get his normal bath gosh darn-it! He loves his bath!

So here we go, on our way, we get to the hospital, we are seen in clinic (the regular out-patient area) and they check his stats, they are just where they are supposed to be, but they admit us anyway.

They put him on oxygen and we talked to the cardiologist. She said they would do another cath, that in his echo it looked like his narrowing in the aorta had returned, she also said it was possible that the shunt had some blockage. Either way I hated hearing that they had to put my baby under again.

We just hung out in our room Wednesday, and Thursday. Wednesday they tried to get blood from him to check his blood count, because if someone is anemic it can affect their oxygen saturations. They tried twice and couldnt get a vein =( so I talked to the doctors and told them they couldnt try again till the next day. A girl and guy came to draw on Thursday, she tried and got a vein, i was so happy, and he didnt even cry. WHOO HOO. Then the stupid veinĀ collapsedĀ before she could get all the blood she needed. F**K!!!!! So she tried in his other arm and he just let out a little wimper, but she didnt get it. F**K AGAIN!!! But since he wasnt screaming I told them they could try one more time. So Henry tried and got it right away! YAY!! Later that day they had to put an IV in. Nick and I were so nervous as we tried to console him. We just squeezed eachothers hands and the girl poked our baby ONE-MORE-TIME (hopefully). At first she didnt get it, but fished a little bit and got is. THANK GOD!! So we relaxed the rest of the day.

Nick spent the night at the hospital with us on Thursday night. The hospital is beautiful. We get a private room, with a private bathroom with a shower and all, and the couch that turns into a bed isnt too bad at all, unless you try to sleep with two adults and a baby that isnt allowed to eat after midnight. Needless to say non of us got much sleep Thursday night.

Friday morning at 7 my mom got there to see Carson before they took him back. We all just played and talked. He is always so cute in the mornings, starving or not. At 7:30 they came to get him. We walked back to the OR recovery room where they got all of his information. He was so cute, he just watched cartoons on the TV, he didnt have a care in the world.

They took him back, and we went back to our room. We tried to kill time, I showered and Nick slept. They were finally done with him at 10:30 but we wernt able to go see him till 11:30. When we went and saw him he was peacefully asleep. I had them keep him medicated this time. I wanted him to sleep off theĀ anesthesia. Last time he cried for HOURS after. He lost some blood during the procedure so they gave him blood. The cardiologist who did the cath said everything went great. His shunt was a little narrowed so they put a stent in it, and they ballooned his aorta some. She said his heart has grown since last time.

He stayed on oxygen for 24 hours after the cath. They gave him heaprin right after the procedure to prevent a clot and instead of keeping him on a steady drip of heaprin they gave him lovanox injections twice, and his pulse in his foot were as strong as before.

They took him off oxygen early Friday morning and he did great. He was stating about 78 the whole time. So they discharged us. His cardiologist thinks he may be out-growing his shunt, so we have to monitor his stats closely and if they dip again we have to be admitted again while they put in orders to send him home on oxygen. Hopefully we can wait till he is 8 months for his next surgery but my mommy gut says it will be sooner.

Today, Tuesday May 1st Carson is doing great and so is his Grammy-Sin(Nick’s Mom). She is doing really well. She is on a balloon pump because her heart was so weak coming out of surgery, but they were walking about removing it soon. They have taken her off several med and she is doing way better than expected, but can use many prayers.


One thought on “One Hell of a Week

  1. nonnierms

    I’m so glad both Carson and Nick’s Mom are doing well šŸ™‚ sounds like Grammy is a fighter determined to watch Carson grow up šŸ™‚


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