Days That Feel Like Years


What a TOUGH day!

As most of you know Carson had his Glenn today.

We were under the impression that he was going to be the first surgery today, so we did not get much sleep last night.

They came and got him at 7:30am and we went to the surgery prep/recovery area. We stayed there for an hour or so before I asked how much longer it was going to be.

The nurse asked and one of the people that was going to be in the OR came and talked to us. Apparently there was miscommunication and they wernt supposed to have gotten us yet.

Carson had been NPO (meaning no food [breastmilk]) since 4 this morning. So needless to day he was starving and CRANKY!

I was annoyed. He had to be NPO for 4 hours prior to surgery. So had I known that he was going to be taken at 10:30-11 I could have fed him. 

I guess someone in the OR was under the impression that there was going to be two people operating the lung and heart machine. Meaning that two surgeries could go on at once. However, they were wrong there was only one person to do the lung and heart machine and that is why we had to wait till 10:30-11.

When I found out he was not going to be taken till later, the OR nurse said we could give him as much clear fluid as he would drink in 10 minutes. That poor baby drank 5 ounces of pedialyte. 

We went back to our room. My mom came out this morning to spend time with us before surgery. She only got there 15 minutes before they took him the first time so when I found out he wasnt being taken for a while we went back to our room.

Finally, it was his turn. They were ready for him. But I wasnt ready for them to take him. I can never be ready for that. Thats been one of the hardest parts of my day. Handing him to the nurse. Before I even handed him over I was a emotional mess, but once I gave him a big hug and kiss and handed him over I lost it. 

Then the seconds start to become minutes, and minutes become hours, and hours well they never seem to pass. They said it would take 4 hours. 

They took him back at exactly 11:00. Nick and I went back to his empty room, we packed up since we were moving to ICU, and I took a shower. I tried to take a long shower, just to kill time. But when I looked at the clock when I got out only 10 whole minutes had passed.

Nick and I walked and had lunch, and a half hour or so after we got back the surgeon came to talk to us. WHOOO!! It had only been 3 in a half hours. I was so shocked, but scared. Why is she coming now? It’s too soon. Oh shit….

Then she said it went great! She said they procedure went just as planned except for one thing. She said that his breastbone was in the way of removing his shunt. So they had to make an incision in his groin area and remove it from there. 

Phew, I can breathe, my baby is OKAY!!! Praise the Lord.

She said to give them an hour or so to get him in his ICU room and stabilized.

We waited and waited. I was already anxious. I wanted to see my baby! An hour passed and we didnt hear anything, then another 15 minutes, still nothing. Then another 15 minutes, and still nothing!

Finally after 2 hours we just went into ICU because I needed to pump and they said it was fine to come in! Whoo hoo!! My baby looks, well GREAT!

I mean, he just had surgery, open-freakin-heart-surgery at that. Anyone else who saw there baby like this would probably freak. But knowing what he looked like last time compared to this time is night and day.

His chest is CLOSED! They said there was a chance that they would leave it open, but they didnt have to!! And I will take whatever small victory I can at this point!

Now he is doing well. The first 24-48 hours are rocky. They have to keep him in his ‘happy place’ and that is different at different times.

I thought seeing him like this was going to break me, but I am actually handling it really well. This time handing him off to the surgeons was so much harder, and seeing him post OP (so far) is much easier. Whereas last time it was the opposite. Maybe, its because I know what to expect now.

I am so proud of him. He is so amazing, and so strong. He has endured more than some will in their whole lives. I cant even put into words how proud I am. 

Please pray for a smooth recovery.


One thought on “Days That Feel Like Years

  1. nonnierms

    Oh, I am glad everything went well! I’ve been checking all day hoping for a good report 🙂


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