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It’s Been a WHILE!

Carson is 6 months old, almost 7 actually and is doing amazing!!

He keeps me soooo busy! He is such a little blessing. Oh my goodness does my heart just glow when I think of how amazing he is!

6 long but short months! Any one who is a parent can relate. It’s crazy to think of my life before Carson, it ment nothing. He gives me so much purpose! He is getting so big and is making me more and more proud every day!

I repeat “Mama” to him all the time and he gets the biggest smile! I love it. Then I say “Dada” and he smiles for that as well. He is so damn cute!

He loves his daddy so much.


I know this blog is about Carson but I just wanted to shine a little light on Nick.

Holy Sh!t is that man amazing! Our love has grown so much stronger through this. They say something like this can make or break a relationship and this has definitely made our relationship even stronger.

Nick is such a selfless man. If you ask him to do anything he doesn’t ask why, he just gets up and does it, no matter how big, or how small. He is incredible!

Since the last half(ish) of April Nick’s mom has been in the hospital. Its been one thing after another, we have gotten several phone calls of ‘she may not make it through the night, or weekend’ and Nick has stayed so strong. He has been so supportive to his dad, offering anything he can.

During the time his mom was in the hospital Carson was admitted as well, within the same week. Nick held it together. He was there for me, for us, for Carson, and for his dad and brother. I dont know how he has held it together but he has, and I am in awe of him. He amazes me!

Nick, I know you will read this. I just want you to know I love you dearly! Thank you so much for chasing me. You are my dream come true!

Carson has an amazing Daddy and Mommy if I do say so myself šŸ˜‰

He is doing amazing. We stayed in the hospital for 13 days after his surgery. We were there almost three weeks exactly.

In the heart community you always hear “He will look like a different child after his Glenn.”

For those of you who dont know what that means. Before the second surgery for his particular CHD the kids are a grayish color, with darker lips because of the mixing blood. After the second surgery known as Glenn the kids look like they have more life in them.

Carson’s color in his face is pink! That was one of the first things I noticed. He is doing amazing! He is so happy!

This past friday marked 8 weeks post op. Meaning that he can be treated 100% normal again. We can pick him up under his arms, and carry him like normal. We can hold his hands and let him walk and just do normal things.

He is still seeing his cardiologist every month. Last month they did an echo (like always) and found that his heart was still pumping ‘briskly.’ Meaning that it isnt pumping as strong and hard as it should. Before surgery it was doing this as well and they thought that surgery would correct it. They are not sure why it is doing this. I asked if it could cause anĀ arrhythmiaĀ and they said its very unlikely because it is “not that bad.” So it is something they will keep an eye on. He has his monthly appt on Wednesday so I will update the blog as to how that goes.

Another thing we discovered at his last appointment was that he didnt gain any weight since discharge (which at that point was three weeks prior). Ive talked before about how heart babies have a difficult time gaining weight sometimes.

Well, I do NOT want to have to give Carson formula. For most babies what they do is if the mom wants she can pump her breast milk, then put it in a bottle and add formula to it so that it is richer in calories and the baby drinks the bottle. I do not want to have to pump. I fought so hard to get Carson to breast feed and if there is a way to avoid pumping I will avoid it.

I met with theĀ dietitianĀ and lactation consultant and we decided that I would pump for five minutes prior to him eating to ensure that he was getting the highest calorie milk. I did that…sometimes…but not too often. He is the type that if he want to eat he wants to eat NOW.

He went through a growth spurt and I could tell he put on a little weight. Then he started eating more, and when I took him to WIC last week he had gained over a pound since the last time we were at the doctor. WHOO HOOO! So hopefully when we go to his appointment this week the weight thing will be no big deal.

When he was about 4 months old we went to hisĀ pediatrician and he noticed that when he cries his lip pulls to the side (I may have blogged about this before, if so please ignore this paragraph). Apparently its the 7th nerve that deals with the muscle control there, so because he is a heart baby he wanted to have it checked out via ultrasound because his soft spot is still open. Well at that point I was having trouble with his insurance so it will be straightened out as of the 1st and I will be scheduling that appointment as well. I will blog about that when we get the results.

On to the fun stuff.

Carson sits up on his own! He has been sitting unassisted for about 3ish weeks now.


He is so smart! He LOVESĀ his paci! I just hand it to him and he puts it in his mouth all on his own.

He rolled over for the first time a couple weeks ago. From belly to back. He hasn’t done back to belly yet but its coming really soon!

He had his first beach trip a month or so ago.


I was waiting till he could sit up on his own before we started baby food. We started with baby oatmeal.

He hates it!


Since then we have tried banana, avocado, pears, peaches, carrots, and sweet potatoes. He hasn’t been a fan of any except pears.

He is teething like crazy and chewing EVERYTHING including Mommy’s laptop lap-mat.


He is discovering everything! He is so funny. If you give him something he inspects it before putting it in his mouth. We keep saying that he is going to be anĀ engineerĀ or something.

Finally, we took him in the pool for the first time last week.


He liked it, but got cold quickly so he didnt stay in long.

All in all we are doing great! He is still with me every second! He wont let me put him down for naps or anything but thats ok. Ill take all the cuddles I can get.