It’s been to long.

I don’t even know where to begin.

I haven’t blogged about how Carson is doing for 6 long months.

For this I want to apologize.

I cannot express my gratitude to each and every person who has prayed for and supported Carson.

Sorry for leaving you all in the dark.

As the saying goes, “No news is good news!”

That is so true.

So let’s catch up!

Carson is growing like a weed!!

He is now 17 in a half pounds and 28 1/4 inches long!

He is light for his age but his cardiologist is very happy with his weight gain.

He eats constantly! He hates baby food now and will only eat real people food.

He still isnt walking but has been crawling for months now.

Since he was able to stand my mom would walk him while holding his hands. It got to the point where he would slip himself off your lap if he wanted to be walked. So now he has gotten used to be walked and does not want to walk on his own.

He’ll get there though, and when he does he will be into even more crap…so son there is NO rush!

We have our next cardio appt in FEB!! Which is a huge deal. That will be three WHOLE months in between his last visit!

Before this appt they didnt want to see us for 2 months, and before that it was 6 weeks.

Prior to all this excitement [that’s also scary for me] he was being seen every month.

(This is scary for me because I am so used to him going in every month and them telling me his progress.)

Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE that he is doing so well that he doesn’t have to go in but every three months. Ill just have to get used to it!

The last two appointments they said his heart function has improved a little bit. She said it wasn’t a ton but it is in the direction they were hoping for.

I am so proud of him every time! He has done amazing! He always tries to help the ultrasound tech. LOL!

He is a busy guy! He has started to walk his little push toy up and down our drive way.

He loves to discover things and touch EVERYTHING!

He is growing up so fast!

This year has gone so quickly!

Please, if I ever let another 6 months go by feel free to comment that YOU WANT AN UPDATE! It will alert my email and I will update!

This year has been a tough one!

I was so glad to ring in the new year.

Every day in 2012 I had my amazing little boy! I cannot express my gratitude that he chose me to be his mommy! What a blessing!

I miscarried my baby at 6 weeks along before I got pregnant with Carson. It was so hard. All I wanted my whole life was to be a mom, and a week after I found out I was expecting I lost the baby. In that pain I never thought I’d be grateful, but I am today. I am grateful because had I not lost that baby I would not have Carson.

How do I say this….

This year we lost a very very very special women.

Carson’s Grammie-sen passed away on October 1, 2012.

She passed away from complications from her open heart surgery she had in late April.

She was so special and loved Carson so much. If you can read blogs in heaven we love you and miss you so much Alison! Please know that when Nick and I have a daughter she will be named after you.

We will always remind Carson of Alison. We have some great pictures of them together and will keep her memory alive through stories and those pictures.



One thought on “It’s been to long.

  1. piperandthekids

    Sounds like Carson is doing great! Good news on the cardio appointments getting further and further apart–and I know how you feel! I had so much anxiety when first they went to three months and then a full year between appointments. You get used to monthly reassurances and then you gotta wait so long :p


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