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Paralyzed Vocal Cord

I was supposed to have updated this last night but incase you missed the announcement on Facebook.



Carson is going to be a big brother!! We are due September 1st and should be finding out if its a boy or girl in the next few weeks. So needless to say I have been very sick. Forgive me!

Back in September we went to a heart-families swim party, and my suspicions of Carson’s vocal cord being paralyzed was conformed. There were two little boys there who both had low voices when talking and it was the same tone as Carson. I knew right then that the change in his voice after his Glenn was because of his vocal cord.

His pediatrician was concerned about his vocal cord because when we drink or eat the vocal cords are supposed to come together to prevent anything from getting in the lungs and causing aspiration. 

He referred him to a ENT (ears, nose, throat) Doctor whom we saw yesterday. As soon as the doc put hand sanitizer on Carson smelled it and started to cry instantly. Mommy guilt stepped right up and I felt horrible while I had to hold him down while the doctor looked in his ears and mouth. 

He wanted to put a scope in his nose and down his throat to see what was going on exactly, but I said no. I was not comfortable pinning Carson down and putting him through even more. I told him he would get a sedated echo in May and we could coordinate that so they could do it while Carson was out. 

His ENT appt was at 8:15 and then I made a appt with his pediatrician because Carson has thrush. [if you dont know what that is its a yeast infection in the mouth] I was concerned because we are having a hard time getting it to go away and yeast feeds on sugar and his meds are super sugary [which he takes 5 times a day]. 

We killed time and went to Hollywood Pres. [where Carson was born] to get my report for my c-section. I need it because I’d love to have a regular birth this time and experience it all but enough about me.

We had lunch at the CHLA cafeteria and the amazing women who’s responsible for mending Carson’s broken heart was having her lunch just a few tables away from us. I felt like I was in the presence of an angel. I’ve never been one to get crazy about the rich and famous (I could careless about them to be honest) but in this moment, I.Was.Star.Struck! I kept looking back at her and listening to her voice wondering how she can be so normal. If it weren’t for her my son wouldn’t be here today, walking, talking, waving, and dancing like he does. If you ever get to read this Dr. Harrington from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU! Thank you for giving my son the chance at life, thank you for allowing us to be a family, for being able to watch him grow, for everything. When you become a mother your life becomes your children and without you I wouldnt have my ‘life.’

We finally got to see his Ped at 12:40 and he said his thrush is very mild. He said to should be gone within a week. 

During the long wait in between appts I had time to think. With heart kids lung pressures are very important. If Carson’s vocal cord is paralyzed (which we all agree that it most likely is) then he could be aspirating which could cause his pressure in his lungs to change. This is a huge deal for surgery. What could happen is the pressures in his lungs could prevent his surgery from being favorable, meaning that he would have to be put on medication to correct his pressures and it could prolong surgery. I did decide that for Carson’s sake it is probably a better idea to have the scope test done now so that things can be addressed proactively and not reactively. That being said we went back to ENT and they were closed =( so I have to call and we will go back to have to scope test done. 

Carson is 29.5 inches long and is 18 lbs 6 oz. He is learning new things every day and we are currently working on eyes, ears, nose, mouth. He has eyes and nose down.