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With LOVE!

When I found out I was pregnant with Carson a friend of mine told me about this thing called a Due Date Club (DDC). Its where a bunch of women who are all due in the same month get to chat and relate to one another and build friendships. I checked it out and became a very active member of the January 2012 DDC. Our group does a letter of the week contest where we each post a picture for that weeks letter and we vote for a winner. This weeks letter was H and my news feed began to be blown up by pictures like this!

46911_10200835151458432_1405550321_n 24293_576993922324233_2002803844_n 563828_10200277822981691_1185667388_n 558817_10151336638570800_1398697408_n 551401_4379201212320_1498731023_n 532919_606373686057375_68023430_n 523564_10101453422172193_420070575_n 482351_10152717531935111_1678794999_n 408100_606374672723943_699477658_n 150441_606371692724241_499174583_n 64706_3025644197829_2097795136_n 64308_606373499390727_656774168_n 17387_655815394683_1819155683_n 7664_606374182723992_558885698_n 1728_10200437109224664_1053775963_n

Everyone took the time to make hearts for Carson to show their love and support. I means the world to me.

Life hasn’t been easy lately. Nick and I split up. Our relationship just didn’t work out. Carson and I are adjusting to the single mom life. We are getting a routine and I will hopefully get back to work after this new baby is born.

The support that these ladies have shown me has been amazing, not just with these pictures but they came at a perfect time.

Being a single mom is never someones dream as a child. I remember watching my mom struggle as a single mom of three and I never ever wanted that. However, ironically I am more happy today than I was staying in a relationship I knew wasn’t working.

I will always do the very best I can to be the best mom I can be.