Another AMAZING fundraiser!

We had another carwash, this time at Clubhouse 66 in Glendora.

(Can I just take a second to say how amazing the owner and staff are at Clubhouse 66? Seriously, we gave them a release form so that if anything happened they arent responsible and the owner signed it then pulled money out of his pocket to donate, along with a few other employees. One whom just handed us the keys to his car along with money and asked us to just park it when we were done. These people are amazing, I highly recommended Clubhouse 66 before but now more than ever I will be so glad to spend my money there.)

Once again people showed their kindness and generosity, some just handing out donations without having their car washed, and others who I got to have amazing conversations with while they waited for their cars we be washed. 

Once again, my gratitude cannot be expressed!

Thank you to Clubhouse 66, everyone who came and helped set up and wash cars, everyone who got their cars wash, and even those who didnt. Thank you to everyone for your generosity!! 


Great things are happening! Ok, well they have been!

I’ll be honest, I have been super stressed out. Having to plan to move across the country for a huge surgery is not fun or easy. I havent worked in almost two years and money is not something we have extra of. Add to that the stress of the surgery and having a baby on the way I seriously dont know how I still have any hair. However, the way that people have pulled together to help us has been incredible!

We have a gofundme website set up. We now have over $500 that has been donated and to be honest I dont even know who half of the people are. I think the theme of this post is my lack of ability to express my gratitude. I dont know how to say thank you enough to everyone who has donated! More and more everyday Boston is getting closer, and I am realizing more and more every day that it will be possible, and we will be ok. Also, a huge thank you to everyone who is sharing Carson’s story!! You are all so so so incredible to me. 


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