Let’s Catch Up

On Wednesday August 28th No Such Thing put on a show called Will Sing for Change.


[This was a second annual show that they put on to give back to the community. This year they chose Carson!]

It was AMAZING!!! The room was packed!! It took everything in me to not be a ball of tears from the beginning.


These people are so talented! The show was amazing, some of the songs were super heartfelt and some were funny, it was a perfect balance and we felt so grateful to be there. 


I held back my tears till the middle when the 50/50 raffle was drawn. The woman who won decided to give the cash to Carson. She got up there and said “we all keep talking about Boston but Carson is a kid, take him to Toys R Us and let him buy whatever he wants.” So we did. We took him, well his daddy took him and he got a really cool tool bench and he still has money left over.

Another highlight of our night was meeting Kevin. Kevin is from our area and is 30 years old living with half a heart. He had no idea about the show until one of the cast members moms went into his flower shop and told him about it and who it was benefiting. He came to meet us. It was so amazing to have a man stand in front of me and tell me about his normal life, his life where his kindergarten friends “thought he was going to die” because he had his last surgery at 5 years old. Kevin has HLHS (hypo-plastic left heart syndrome) its literally living with half of a heart. HLHS kids have a series of three surgeries. [The same two that Carson has had, the Norwood, and Glenn and then the final one is called the Fontan. Carson wont be getting the Fontan but instead will be getting the Bi-Vent repair since Carson has a full heart.] Kevin is an inspiration and I am so glad we got to meet him.


All week before the show I would rub my belly and tell Alison that she was not allowed to come until after the show on Wednesday. I was so excited I didnt want to have to miss it. Alison listened to me and on the way home from the show I stated having my first contractions. They went through the night and lasted into Thursday when at 3:00pm they just stopped…

But they started again at 1:00am Friday morning and on August 30th at 4:25pm Carson became a big brother!


Alison was born at home weighing 8lbs9oz and was 20.5 inches long.

[I will post a full birth story]

We had a house full of visitors that weekend but went right back to fundraising the next weekend. We held a rummage sale in the parking lot of a doctors office on Sunday and had two of the most awesome sign holders!


The fundraising didnt go as well as we had hoped that day but every dollar adds up and we are grateful for all the help.

We have a few other fundraisers lined up. 

We still have the cake raffle going on, its only $5 per ticket and you can win a custom cake worth up to $200 dollars. 

We also have a couple yoga classes that will be based on donations all going to Carson and we hope to do one final rummage sale this weekend in the Tuesday Morning parking lot again.

We also still have the gofundme.com/carsonsheartjourney website going where donations can be made. 

I also wanted to say thank you to everyone who has donated. We have seen the kindness in people through and through and we are so so so grateful!

Our flights are booked. We leave on September 30th.



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